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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Update to "Bummer" Post of 6/10/11


I should probably clarify a bit. This third area has been suspect to be part of the overall 2-3 tumors all located in the same quadrant of my left breast. It is just that this spot was not found in the original Ultrasound which was biopsied back in January, so we did not know for sure if it was malignant until now. So it is not like it is some new cancer spot, it is just that it would have been easier for the surgeon to say, "Yes, we can do a lumpectomy", if this area was benign. Wishful thinking, I guess. It is the furthest away from the nipple and so makes the whole area to be removed longer than hoped. The other concern is that it is very close to, or right at, the chest wall. So I am trying not to worry more about all this until I hear from the surgeon. Hard to do, though!


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  1. I'm glad to read the clarification but the news is still worrisome...and trying not to worry is easier said than done.

    I need a great big HUG. That is it..Hug..HUG..HUG..HUG..did you feel that? Better yet, go to Mark and tell him that Michelle said to give you a big, big hug from her. Now, I hope you feel a little bit better.

    You are courageous, you are strong, you are a survivor and the best warrior I have ever met.

    Hugs and prayers, ~Michelle


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