What started as IDC (Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma) in 2011, then turned into CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) in 2013, probably partially caused by chemotherapy along with a genetic pre-disposition. Here we are now in March 2016 and I am newly diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in the left breast and liver (LMBC - liver metastasized breast cancer).

So the focus has shifted yet again, BUT... I continue to THANK YOU for your prayers, love & support. I receive them with open & loving arms. My wish is that I will gain strength from you, will provide helpful information and strength to others & will help to strip away the fears we each experience.

I am strong. I am loved. I am healthy. I WILL SURVIVE!

Have you or your loved one had their annual mammogram? PLEASE, don't put it off. Speaking from experience, I highly recommend monthly self exam as well. And if you are now cancer free of breast cancer, do everything you can to insist that your doctors follow up with an occasional PET Scan and labs for tumor markers.

Contents may be uplifting, sad, funny, scary, downright depressing ~ THAT IS CANCER .... at it's best, at its worst.

PLEASE ~ Feel free to share this blog with anyone who is interested to learn about my journey. While I welcome their support, I hope that by sharing this experience freely to the universe I may help to support others by breaking down some of the barriers and fear associated with breast cancer and the treatment.


Thursday, November 24, 2011



I've known this throughout my life, but more especially with this year. And as Dr. Amy Shaw reminded me at my appointment yesterday, my cancer was so invasive that it would have surely killed me without treatment. Not all breast cancers are as serious, but some, and the kind of breast cancer that thought I would be a warm and cozy host, was.

So, I have so very much to be thankful for.
  • The most loving, caring, supportive, and patient husband in the world. I love you, Mark Emery!
  • Two of the most kind, wonderful, supportive, giving daughters in the world. I love you Alura and Sarah!
  • Two of the most understanding, kind, and loving son-in-laws. I love you Stephan and Chris!
  • The best siblings a sister could ever ask for; ones who are there for you, keep in touch, coordinate meals, travel across the country to be with you; and who still have very busy demanding lives, jobs, and families of their own, and some with their own health issues to contend with. I love you Donna, Dan, Nancy, Christine, Eddie, and Matthew!
  • The best ever friends, neighbors, friends of friends; those who I have always been close to, some who have come back into my life after being away for a spell, some nearby, some not so nearby; all very loving, caring, supportive... You know who you are and how instrumental you have been in my healing, and support to me and Mark during this journey ~ I love you ALL!
  • The "A Team" of excellent and caring Doctors, Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Surgeons, Nurses, Technicians, Support Staff ~ As Dr. Amy Shaw reminded me, "I do have the "A Team". Thank you all for your tender loving care throughout this year and into the future.
  • Other supportive cancer patients and their family members I have met along the way; from dear friends who have gone down this road before me with breast cancer who shared wigs, scarves, books, tricks and tips; to those I met while undergoing chemo infusion, or in the radiation waiting room (Paul and Kathy, to name a few); I admire each and every one of you for your strength and hope, and wish you speedy recovery and continued good health, as well as the love and support of your family and friends.
  • To a God I know is there for me, watching over me and my loved ones, ALWAYS!
  • Sarah & Gaige, 3.5 weeks
    Alura & Nico, 3 months
    And last, but not least, to the two brightest stars in my life today, Nicolas & Gaige. You may never know what hope in the future you give both your Grammie and Grandpa, how you make us smile, how proud we are of your mommas and poppas as we see them grow into the challenging, demanding, yet loving role of parent. We wait with loving anticipation for the day when you are running around Brookfarm helping Grandpa with chores, filling water buckets, climbing on the tractor, being chased all the while by Grammie with a gigantic smile on her face. We will always be here for you, for anything!!!

Today, on this Thanksgiving 2011,  as tears roll down my cheeks, I/we have much to be thankful for, and we say it with a very happy heart. And I wish for you, all my loved ones, family, friends, clinicians, fellow friends who are or have dealt with cancer; that you enjoy this day giving thanks and enjoying the love of your family, friends, and those close to you.


Debbie... aka the cancer warrior ... AND SURVIVOR!!!



  1. Lots of love to you on Thanksgiving Day, Deb! We all have so much for which to be grateful.

    Deb K

  2. thank God for you Deb!
    We love you and are so grateful for your health and your Grammieness!


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