What started as IDC (Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma) in 2011, then turned into CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) in 2013, probably partially caused by chemotherapy along with a genetic pre-disposition. Here we are now in March 2016 and I am newly diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in the left breast and liver (LMBC - liver metastasized breast cancer).

So the focus has shifted yet again, BUT... I continue to THANK YOU for your prayers, love & support. I receive them with open & loving arms. My wish is that I will gain strength from you, will provide helpful information and strength to others & will help to strip away the fears we each experience.

I am strong. I am loved. I am healthy. I WILL SURVIVE!

Have you or your loved one had their annual mammogram? PLEASE, don't put it off. Speaking from experience, I highly recommend monthly self exam as well. And if you are now cancer free of breast cancer, do everything you can to insist that your doctors follow up with an occasional PET Scan and labs for tumor markers.

Contents may be uplifting, sad, funny, scary, downright depressing ~ THAT IS CANCER .... at it's best, at its worst.

PLEASE ~ Feel free to share this blog with anyone who is interested to learn about my journey. While I welcome their support, I hope that by sharing this experience freely to the universe I may help to support others by breaking down some of the barriers and fear associated with breast cancer and the treatment.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

I Get a Week Off of Chemo & Another "BEST BLOG" from Healthline

Thank You Healthline. For the 5th year this/my Blog was again voted one of The Best Breast Cancer Blogs of 2016.

I am sad to recall how I told you about this achievement in May 2015, when I was presumed to be in remission, but now looking back realize it was starting all over again right about then. This is how I announced the achievement one year ago, "I just say it like it happens, or how I feel. And it doesn't seem to be over yet. I mean, the cancer, SO FAR, is in remission and I am approaching the wonderful FIVE YEAR mark next year. But the side effects of the chemo continue. Damn Cancer! Although even that seems to have improved considerably over the last year." But I am here! And for that I am thankful.
As Healthline honors my Blog (look for the 7th Blog listed in the this link), Deb's Breast Cancer Journey , they say,

Deb’s Breast Cancer Journey

Debbie Emery has bravely kept blogging through her breast cancer and other subsequent health problems, including congestive heart failure and a new breast cancer diagnosis in 2016. She details her doctor visits and procedures, shares recommendations for helpful smartphone apps as well as other blogs her readers might like, and is open and honest about her thoughts and fears as she continues on her cancer journey.
Visit the blog.

Please do check out the other several Blogs recognized by Healthline. There are some truly amazing stories, and some truly amazing people out there telling these stories.

Thank you, Healthline, for this honor once again.

Apparently, I have a week off from Chemo! Surprise, surprise!

Sarah drove me in this morning with us both fully expecting to go through the usual routine. After describing my symptoms to Dr. Anderson, my Oncologist, he said, "Maybe you need to take a week off."  I really didn't want to, because I had hoped to take 8/4/16 off due to a conflict that week, and so I could get back on a Wednesday schedule. 

Since all my lab numbers on blood for 7/21/16 were low...
... I will take this week off, will have chemo next week on Thursday, and then take August 4th off. Then I will be back on a Wednesday schedule for 8/10/16.

Dr. Anderson was very pleased with the look of my left breast, which is looking much smaller, has little to no drainage, or pain. The lymph node in the right armpit is no longer tender and as swollen too! And now I have an appointment for a follow up CT Scan with contrast on August 3rd. We are all expecting to receive good news. Yippee

So Sarah and I headed over to Parkside Cafe for lunch, then on to the dispensary. I found a good Cannibas topical cream to help with my skin.

Now I am home and hitting the recliner for a much needed nap (3 hours later I awoke). I should get a call soon with my Potassium levels so I can share it with my cardiologist and find out what to do. I just checked online and see my Potassium is back to normal at 3.8. So I will check with my cardiologist,  Dr. Dhar, to see if we return back to the normal dose of Lasix.

THANK YOU for continuing to keep me in your thoughts & prayers.

Die cancer, DIE. You are messing with the wrong woman!!

Debbie... aka the cancer FIGHTER, AND Cardiomyopathy warrior!!!

THANKS for visiting!        I look forward to your comment.

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